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What I’m Reading: Princess Shit

What I'm Reading: Princess Shit

I’m so uncomfortable now. Baby is kicking in all the wrong, not-cute places and my swollen feet and restless legs keep me awake all night. Hunger pains strike at odd moments (3 am call to eat plain Cheerios, why?) and the two nonfiction novels I’ve had on my nightstand can’t capture my attention, leaving me to stare off into the distance and worry about everything I need to do.

A few days ago I had it. I’m usually an avid reader, and the fact I haven’t been able to finish a book in over a month kills me. So I knew a different approach was needed, and I jumped in: candy.

Sometimes, you need candy for your brain. That’s why channels like Bravo or HGTV exist, right? And there are books out there to fill that need, too. I tend to consume YA novels overnight when I need some brain candy to distract me from reality, but I also have a list of mystery novels I’m thinking about testing next time I feel the need to relax and not work hard.

But for some reason, a few nights ago I decided to read about a princess. Well, technically I read about a competition in a dystopian future to become a princess. Because literature.

The Selection, by Kiera Cass

Amazon | Library

Is this a great novel? No. Is it well written? Not particularly. Is the premise something I’d proudly shout from the rooftops? Yes, because it’s described as “The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor” and that is fantastic.

There are four books in the series, and they all get the job done:

That’s a total of FOUR books about competing to be a princess in a dystopian future. Oh my. If you’re looking for something light to occupy your brain, this is it. I’m over halfway done with the series right now and it’s a welcome distraction from the usual aches and anxiety that accompany my third trimester. So thank you, princess competition. For being just as amusing and distracting as I currently want my books to be.

I did take a quick break from scarfing down The Selection series to read a different princess story. I didn’t even realize the connection until I’d finished the entire thing. I must have been in some princess haze when I purchased it:

The Royal We, by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

 Amazon | Library

Yes, these are the writers behind the fabulous Go Fug Yourself. This is a guilty pleasure and, unlike The Selection series, not a YA novel. It’s a story about an American exchange student who winds up marrying into the British Royal family. This is loosely inspired by Will and Kate, but with Kate being a Midwesterner from a Skymall furniture empire. Makes sense to me.

Quite a few of the titles listed above are discounted for the Kindle, which is helpful for those of us who don’t have both arms to support a physical book (I don’t have a newborn yet, but I do need to support my belly with my other hand. Or eat a muffin).

There’s plenty more princess literature out there, but I think I’ll take a break and try some brain candy with a little more darkness to keep things interesting.  Maybe I’ll update in a few weeks about all the murder I’ve been reading about. Or maybe I’ll finally take the plunge and try some classic romance novels — I’ve been inspired to try some since discovering the website Smart Bitches Trashy Books, which is almost the perfect book site for where I am mentally right now. Hey, at least I’m reading!

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