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Third Trimester and Feeling Great/Still Terrible: A Rant

Really cheap Totinos Pizza

Even though I’m lazy and haven’t documented my 29th week of gestation with my usual bump pic, it’s real. I’m almost two weeks into my third trimester and some might say into the home stretch of this pregnancy.

I might say that — home stretch — because I need gentle reminders every now and then that this shit will be over soon.

I once heard pregnancy likened to pizza, but in the inverse: with pizza, even the shittiest frozen pizza you’ll ever find is still decent because it’s pizza and pizza is great. With pregnancy, even the best and easiest pregnancy is still terrible because you’re pregnant. I find this analogy amusing since my biggest craving all pregnancy is for frozen Totinos Cheese Pizzas, arguably the worst type of frozen pizza out there. (But still good enough for a sad hungry pregnant lady to want it).

I have not had an easy pregnancy – it’s been (and still is) a high risk one, full of doctors’ appointments and tests and intense nausea throughout my first trimester. Second trimester I began to eat again but felt even worse, only to be diagnosed with anemia months later at my first third trimester appointment. It might not sound like a lot — maybe it isn’t — but it felt terrible.

So I’m taking iron now, and eating well. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt all pregnancy as a result but I still feel terrible since basic bodily functions are now just difficult and awkward to do. Plus, of course, the stress from my highly medical pregnancy and inadvertent but hurtful doctors’ comments and typical first-time-mother anxiety and my inability to poop make this pregnancy still not great.

I’m sure there are moms out there who loved being pregnant, and I wish them well. But after being honest about my bad experiences with being pregnant I’ve heard countless confessions from other moms about how pregnancy was no walk in the park and they hated it. Do any of us regret being pregnant? Of course not, because at the end of this shitty journey is a wonderful child we love and cherish. But I don’t think that means we have to sugar coat the experience it takes to get there. Doing so just sets unrealistic expectations to other soon-to-be-moms, and when they don’t feel great they’ll feel alone and think they’re already failing motherhood and soothe themselves with slice after slice of shitty pizza.

See what I did there?

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