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Buying Guide: Buy Whatever You’re Going to Buy

Buying Guide: Buy Whatever You're Going to Buy

I resisted doing any research about infant/baby products my first trimester for two reasons: I was too ill/tired to lift my weakly fingers to my keyboard, and because I was terrified of investing too much in a pregnancy so early, especially when I had so many medical concerns.

Thankfully my first trimester came and went, so halfway through my second trimester I glanced quickly through Lucie’s List and my copy of Baby Bargains to get an idea of what I might need right away. I set up a private Amazon registry and shared it with my husband. And then I didn’t think much about it.

Until I did.

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Conversation Topics for Pregnant Ladies

Couple Talking

People seem to not know how to talk to me anymore now that I’m gestating. Many conversations begin with intense eye contact and a smooth: “How are you?Even when I’m able to quickly change subjects I’ve been nothing short of amazed at how fast these intelligent people with interesting lives are able to work in babies, my stomach size, or cliche food cravings back into the conversation. Continue Reading