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What I’m Reading: Princess Shit

What I'm Reading: Princess Shit

I’m so uncomfortable now. Baby is kicking in all the wrong, not-cute places and my swollen feet and restless legs keep me awake all night. Hunger pains strike at odd moments (3 am call to eat plain Cheerios, why?) and the two nonfiction novels I’ve had on my nightstand can’t capture my attention, leaving me to stare off into the distance and worry about everything I need to do.

A few days ago I had it. I’m usually an avid reader, and the fact I haven’t been able to finish a book in over a month kills me. So I knew a different approach was needed, and I jumped in: candy.

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Friday Reads

Motherhood and Making Art

Amanda Palmer's

If I had kids, would I turn into a boring, irrelevant, ignorable artist? Would I suddenly start writing songs about balance and shit? Would I have a sudden, terrifying, interest in the LUTE?

A really great piece on impending motherhood and life as an artist. By Amanda Palmer and found on Medium.