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Shocking Update

Woke up this morning after a particularly fitful night of rest to discover that the weather had changed dramatically overnight. Instead of a summer morning, today is shaping up to be a beautiful fall day.

Of course, all I have in my closet are summer maternity clothes. So I went on a little scavenger hunt for a pair of thick sweatpants I wore all this winter. When it hit me.

I’ve been pregnant forever.



Face of sad, tired me

Me, when I realized that yes, I was pregnant this winter. With the same pregnancy.

pregnancy, rants

Third Trimester is Really Easy

Third trimester is really easy

. . . not that any of my pregnancy has been easy. The title of this blog, in case you haven’t inferred, is sarcastic. Because I’m sarcastic!

I originally thought I would update this blog weekly, as an outlet for myself because I can’t talk about all the shit that stresses me out to my nonpregnant/financially stable/distant friends. Everyone has their own stuff to worry about and I’m not one of those people who feels comfortable burdening my friends with worries and issues I’ve really brought on myself. That’s what the internet is for, right?

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